Food Photography for your business - It doesn't have to be daunting

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Food Photography for your business

It doesn’t have to be daunting !


Whether you're a bustling restaurant, a charming café, or a food truck on the move, capturing the essence of your culinary creations can be achieved, regardless of your business's scale.  In this blog post I am discussing a recent Thai food shoot – working with a small business – and in a very small space.

An image of Thai curry with rice on a bamboo plate, shot against a white backgroundThai-Food-photography When considering food photography, we often think of the images we see in magazines, which can be very stylised, with elaborate setups.  But this doesn’t have to always be the case.

I recently did a food photography shoot for a high-end Thai food truck.  The shoot brief was to create a range of images showcasing the food truck menu.  After discussion, we decided to use a white background, to fit with new website styling.  For a small business like this client, keeping it simple in style means when it comes to adding images for new menu items, they don’t have to do a full reshoot.

As you can imagine, aside from the prep, for this type of business most of the cooking happens in the truck.  This isn’t the ideal location for photographing food - unless you are aiming for in action brand style images.

In this type of scenario, the client often doesn’t have large kitchen or restaurant space to work with, as was the case here.  But it doesn’t make the shoot impossible – and it doesn’t make it impossible to create high end images that show off the product.  

Chicken Satay served on a bamboo plate, photographed against a white backgroundThai Chicken Satay My style of photography is very ‘uncluttered’.  You will see it across my website.  I tend to take a clean and minimalist approach to most of my work – keeping the attention on the subject.  When considering shoot options, I am very much ‘less is more’.

The point of this blog is really to emphasise that you don’t always need a huge space to create the images you require, and we certainly didn’t hear.  I was working in a very small area, on a low table less than 1m square.

Here I’m really talking to small businesses - selling food, or other types of small product.  You may think that having professionally shot images is beyond your means due to the setup requirements, but that may not be the case at all.  Photographers are very creative in achieving the right results with the space and equipment they have.

Creating these images, I shot in a small space using natural light, to avoid taking space up with studio lights.  If I had had more space - could I have used more kit?  Maybe, but in this scenario it wasn’t necessary.

The art of food photography may seem daunting to your small business, but it certainly doesn’t need to be.  By keeping it simple, clean and elegant, you can let your creations do the talking.

If you are considering elevating your culinary creations through then lens – I’m here to help you with that.  Get in touch to discuss how we can capture the essence of your dishes in a way that resonates with your audience.



Image of Thai salad on a bamboo plate, shot against a white backgroundThai salad





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