Choosing the right Photographer for YOU

February 19, 2024

A photograph is more than just a click of the shutter

Choosing the right photographer for YOU


So, you have recognised the importance of having current and engaging images to promote yourself or your business, and now need to find the right photographer for you.  It can be a daunting task – from an online search you will know there are many of us photographers. Thankfully - there are ways to narrow it down.




Most photographers specialise in certain types of photography.  They are experts in that area.  For example, if you want to update your headshots, it makes sense to look for a photographer that specialises in that field.

Headshot photographers understand how to adjust lighting and posing to show you at your best – creating the most engaging image from a headshot perspective, as well as how to create a range of images, demonstrating a range of emotions or styles.

Brand photographers will want to dig into understanding your brand - its origins, its values, and what makes it tick.  This will enable them to work with you to create images that show your personality and authenticity, that you can use to effectively elevate your brand.  It’s good to have a think about this before speaking to a Brand photographer.

CorporateHeadshot-6CorporateHeadshot-6 FemaleHeadshot-12FemaleHeadshot-12


Us photographers all have our own ‘style’ of shooting.  I certainly shoot with a clean, uncluttered style.  You can see it across my website.  The photography you get from a photographer will align with what is on their website, so make sure you like the style of their images, and that it will work with the look you are going for.



For me this is quite an important one.  Having a personal brand or headshot shoot is pretty ‘personal’; we are usually working one on one – so you want to be comfortable.  I’m an introvert, I am not loud and out there.  So, if that is what you want in a photographer, I am likely not the photographer for you.  I’m calm and measured in approach; it’s important for me that you can relax and enjoy the shoot – and not walk out thinking ‘I’m glad that’s over!’.  Making sure you have a phone or video chat with a photographer before booking a shoot will give you a good idea if you feel comfortable with them.  Many photographers will offer this as part of their booking process (I certainly do).

FemaleHeadshot-Glasses-2 smFemaleHeadshot-Glasses-2 sm Female wearing glasses and a dark purple top, shot against a dark backgroundFemale Headshot Glasses


This may seem obvious, but you want your photographer to be reliable.  You can get a good gauge on this in the way they communicate with you and their attention to detail.



Ensure that you can communicate your preferences re what you are looking to get out of a shoot before booking.  We all work differently, so it’s important to communicate your needs or concerns.  You may be worried about feeling awkward in front of the camera, or if you will be able nail the poses.  Having a chat with your photographer will help put you at ease.  Also, if you have specific look or lighting requirements, it is important to ensure the photographer can cover it.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

Photographers will often provide a guide of how they work, and what to expect during the shoot.  For example, where possible I shoot tethered to a screen.  I find this really helps clients relax into a shoot, which provides for more engaging images.


Reviews and Testimonials

Having a look at what previous clients have said about their shoots is a great way to get a view of how they work.

"Michelle produced some amazing shots for our business. She was just so easy to work with"

In Conclusion

The most important point from the above is to choose the photographer that works for YOU – that fits your style, and makes you feel comfortable.

Photographers expect you to be nervous.  They have tricks to get you beyond that.  If you have taken the above into account, you can put trust in your photographer to create the engaging images you are looking for.


Thanks for reading, and congratulations in taking the first step towards raising your visibility.


Good luck !

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