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Professional Photography Services in Essex and beyond


Headshot and Commercial Photography


Providing high quality images to represent you and your brand at your best


At a time when online imagery is often the first someone sees of us or our brand, it is more important than ever to ensure that the images you use are you at your best.  Its an investment you won't regret.





Two photographs of the same actor photographed in different styles - one light and one darkActor_Headshot_twoimage

Actor Headshots

I know from working with actors how important it is to showcase your range, and have a selection of images to cover different scenarios you may work in.

The flexibility and time allowed in my headshot sessions allows you to accommodate this.  I always recommend having having different styles of outfit changes available, to create different looks.

As well as allowing time for you to change your look, I will also change lighting and backdrops as we progress, for variety in the images.


Business Headshots

Whether you are looking to enhance your profile on LinkedIn, your website, business documentation, or marketing materials - having professionally shot images help you stand out.

My headshot shoots give the opportunity to change your look and backgrounds, giving you plenty of variety to cover all scenarios.

Having consistent headshots for your team demonstrates professionalism and commitment to your brand.  I can help you with that.

     A professional studio image of a business professional against a white backgroundBusiness HeadshotCorporate Headshot against white background


    Product photography image of wooden hearts decor, photographed against a white background.Packshot photography

Commercial Photography

I can help you enhance the profile of our brand or product with professional high quality images - shot in my pop-up studio or on location.

Commercial photography isn't just product.  Images of your work environment, your team, and your service, all come together to promote who you are.

Having high quality images add value to demonstrating you are serious about what you do and the quality you deliver.


Food Photography

Whether you are a food producer, or restaurant, having eye catching images for use on your promotional materials and website is key to creating the right impression to your clients.

I can work with you in creating a range of images to promote your menu, and also capture the environment of your restaurant if required.

     A professional studio image of a business professional against a white backgroundBusiness HeadshotCorporate Headshot against white background


    Event photography image of flowers on a table at a family celebration

Event Photography

I always enjoy shooting events - whether they be personal or business.  They are all different, and it is my job to ensure we capture that uniqueness.

Capturing images of a business event for use in promotion, or special memories of a family event is so important.  I can help you with that.

Event photography can include capturing the story of the event, guest speakers, portraits, and environmental images highlighting those finishing touches - depending on your specific requirements.






So how do I work?

I'm based near Chelmsford, helping clients across the Essex region and the South East.  I have a pop-up studio, and most headshot clients come to me.  But I am more than happy to travel with my kit and shoot on location.

As a headshot photographer, I've had enough experience to know that most people don't like having their photo taken.  It's pretty much the first thing most people say to me when they walk through the door for a headshot shoot.  (Yes - even actors).  I don't like it myself - that feeling of dread when the camera appears.

With this in mind, when working shooting portraits or headshots, where possible I will shoot tethered to a laptop.  I find seeing how great they look helps people relax.

I also shoot tethered to laptop when shooting food or product images when I can - this makes it easier for us to all see how things are going, and if adjustments are needed we can make them straight away.

I like clear and open communication.  I always want to have a consultation before shoots to provide information, and ensure we are on the same page.





"Like most people I'm not keen on having my photo taken but Michelle visited me at home, made me feel at ease, and captured some shots I'm really happy with."

Male actor headshot, subject wearing a grey suit and blue shirt looking to camera


"Michelle took a lot of care before during and after the session to make sure that we got the images we were looking for. She created a great atmosphere and I’m very pleased with the results."