Hi - Great to see you 

I'm Michelle

I'm a photographer, but as well as knowing my way around a camera, I am also great at getting people comfortable in front of it.

"I felt at ease"

"I was relaxed"

"I enjoyed the shoot"

This is what my clients regularly tell me - it's something they weren't expecting.


So if you are thinking about hiring me as your photographer, you will likely want to know about more about me - what makes me tick (well apart from my obvious passion for photography).

I really love the energy of things that give you 'life' - I love to travel, skiing, live music, festivals, and red wine.  A mix of those and I will definitely be in my happy place.

“.. New York – Concrete jungle where dreams are made of – there’s nothing you can’t do.”

I love this song, and I really believe this.  I lived in New York for a bit, and really love the positive ‘can do’ approach of New Yorkers.  I’m positive, and love a challenge – there is always a way.


"Michelle is great!! Amazing photos and she makes you feel confident and at ease! Couldn’t ask for a better experience!"


For most of us it is natural that when it comes to having your photo taken, you don't feel at all positive about it.

Visibility is so important - but the fear of it can hold you back

I'm an introvert myself, so I know how awkward and uncomfortable it feels to be in front of the camera.  I hate having my photo taken - which is why my goal is to make you feel relaxed and at ease.

  • My shoots aren't rushed, so you have time to relax.
  • We have a consultation beforehand to go through the range of images you are looking for, how things will work, any questions or concerns you might have, and what to wear, etc.
  • Where I can I shoot tethered to a screen - this really helps people relax when they see how great they look.
  • I guide in posture and positioning to ensure we create a range of engaging images that work for you, changing looks and background/lighting for variety.


"Michelle produced some amazing shots for our business. She was just so easy to work with - and I'm not somebody who generally enjoys this kind of activity. It's not just the quality of the pictures - her direction was excellent, and her patience is amazing."


Thinking about getting beyond the fear?

I'd love to help.