The importance of the Professional Headshot

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The Importance of the Professional Headshot


First impressions count – rightly or wrongly - we all take views, and make judgements, from our first impressions.  We might not always be right, but ultimately we do take an initial view from what is in front of us.


CorporateHeadshot-6CorporateHeadshot-6 With that in mind, consider the importance of the professional headshot.  More often than not, when someone is going to interact with you or your business on a professional basis, they will pay a visit to your online profiles.  It is so important that when they see you, they see professionalism, and can be confident in who you are.


A professionally shot headshot will demonstrate you are serious about who you are professionally.  If you are looking for a change of role, and looking for an employment opportunity elsewhere, potential employers are likely to go straight to your LinkedIn profile.  It’s important that it represents who you are professionally (along with the content).  It shows who you are and provides credibility.  If you have no headshot image, and they are looking at other candidates as well, that do have headshots, consider the impression that makes.  You might be the best candidate, but they could have already taken a view on you vs other candidates before you walk through the door (if you get that far).  If you want to be seen as a professional, you need to represent that.


Female Headshot with Glasses, shot against an external background, shown in black and whiteFemale Headshot with Glasses Similarly, if you are a business owner, your strongest assets are yourself and your team.  We all know that people buy people.  Many businesses have websites using stock images and do nothing to create the personal element.  By representing you and your team online, you show people who they are dealing with – putting faces to names – setting you apart from the competition.


The way your headshot is shot should represent your brand – don’t think it needs to be serious in a suit against a grey background.  It can be – if that is right for you.  It should represent how you work professionally – consider who your clients are and how you want to be seen.  Alot can be conveyed in a headshot.  The background, what you wear, your expression and pose, the way the image is it and framed, all come together to form the view of who you are.


Male corporate headshot photograph, of a subject wearing glasses and a pink shirt, against a dark grey background Being consistent across your business profiles is also important – it helps with recognition – which goes towards elevating your brand.  So, when you have your professional headshots, make sure you are using them across all your professional profiles to maximise the benefit.


Ultimately, having an up to date professionally shot headshot goes a long way to demonstrating credibility and professionalism.  Not having a professionally shot headshot can do quite the opposite.



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