Headshots - It's All About the Crop

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Headshots -It's All About the Crop


Well, its not all about the crop – but how a photograph is cropped can make it more visually appealing and more impactful.  One of the main reasons photographers use a tight crop in photography is that it allows you to focus on the subject within the frame, eliminating distraction.  It also creates a sense of intimacy, and makes the subject feel closer and more personal.


I use this technique in my headshot photography – creating for a more impactful image.  Yes headshots are to show who we are, but we also want them to draw attention – this is particularly important for actor headshots.


Here’s an example – with a wide landscape crop, a tight portrait crop, and a tight landscape crop.  The impact of the crop on the same image is clear.


A headshot image of a female with brown hair against a dark backgroundLandscapeWidecropactorheadshot

Actor headshot image of a female wearing. dark top, against. dark backgroundPortraitActorHeadshot A headshot image of a female with brown hair against a dark background, tightly croppedLandscapeTightCropactorheadshot


On its own the wide landscape image is fine – but when it is cropped more tightly, it is much more impactful.


For my headshot shoots I provide versions of all 3, in small files sizes for social media use, and large file sizes, required for high quality prints.


  • Portrait crops are traditional for headshots, and the general standard for actors on Spotlight.
  • Landscape crops are a more modern take, and more impactful when a tight crop is used (my favourite for sure).


As, when I do a tight crop I tend to cut into the hairline, I also provide the wider crop, which gives flexibility on use if you need it.  I would hate you to be in the position of one of my clients where when he provided a headshot for inclusion in a programme - they needed the full headshot, and had to re-create the top hairline where it had been cropped out – not ideal (and not an image I had shot !).  I provide the tight crops where when used on their own you get the most impact – but I want you to have flexibility and be able to use the images for all types of scenario.


If you are considering updating your headshots, and want to know more about how I work, get in touch.







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