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Brand Photography

Elevate your Brand!

It is so important to represent the quality of your brand in your brand imagery - it can make a huge difference to a decision being made to purchase, or not.

But it can be a scary prospect - I'm here to help you with that.


For small business owners, our Brand can be very personal, and a brand shoot will likely mean you are putting yourself front and centre.  That is nerve-racking for most; it's rare that I get someone in front of my camera who is fully happy to be there.  But they recognise that it is essential to enhancing visibility in the right way.

A Brand photography shoot for your business is a great way to create impact.  You can make sure you are making the most of your business's first impression with high quality images that show you and your business at its best.

There is alot that can come to mind when we mention the word 'Brand' - and similarly with Brand photography shoots, they are very much dependent on who you are, and your business.  It can seem overwhelming - that is where I can help.


Brand Shoots

My brand shoots are very much designed with you and your business in mind.  The aim is to create a range of images for you to use on your website, printed materials, and social media - high quality images that showcase you and your business - demonstrating your brand message.

My brand shoots are curated to your requirements.  They can include interiors, people, product, in action shots, client locations, etc.  A pre-shoot consultation will be scheduled to discuss specifics and logistics.  I always like to create a mood board for inspiration and ideas.


A grid of three personal brand images, demonstrating pilatesPersonal Brand Photography


"I worked with Michelle to put together publicity photographs to launch my Pilates business.  Michelle is a pleasure to work, I have no hesitation in recommending her."


Personal Brand Photography

Similarly I offer Personal Brand shoots, which work well for those who are their brand.  The difference with a Personal Brand shoot is it is fully focused on you.  It considers that as you are your brand, you will likely what to share more than just your business side, so shoots may include your home, where you relax, your pets; ie letting people get to know you.

As above, Personal Brand shoots are curated to your requirements.  We will brainstorm options to ensure we are creating the most value for you.


If you are considering a Brand shoot - get in touch for a chat to discuss how I can help.  Just click the link below.



Product Photography

Alongside Brand imagery, I offer a range of commercial and product photography services, including flat lay, still life, packshot, and food (see my separate page on that).

I can shoot at your location, or in my Chelmsford based studio - creating a collection of images that can be used to promote your brand.

Pricing for commercial and product photography is quoted depending on your specific requirements and may be on a per item or on an hourly/day rate basis.

Whether you are looking for packshot white background images, or something more creative - I can help. Get in touch on the link below - I'm always happy to have a no obligation chat to discuss how I work, and give you an idea of costing.


Banner of 3 commercial photography images, showing jewellery and a pottery vaseCommercial photography 3 image banner 72dpi

All shoots include a pre-shoot consultation to discuss your requirements, including the type of look you are going for and how you want to use the images.  Images will be provided in high and low resolution, for print and online use.

I would love to work with you to capture impactful images that will add value to your product and brand.



Product photography image of wooden hearts decor, photographed against a white background.Packshot photography