Hi - I’m Michelle – a Chelmsford based headshot photographer.

If you love to see engaging images representing a person or brand, but are nervous, think that couldn’t be me, freeze in front of the camera, and hate having your photo taken – you are in the right place.

I would say that people see me as open and confident – and they may be surprised that I am naturally an introvert.  So I get all of the above - its why I take time in my shoots – guiding you with posture and pose to ensure we create engaging images that work for you.

We all have a good side, and I’m here to work with you to bring out the best in yours.

Often people think of headshot photography as turning up for a quick shoot, taking a couple of shots, choosing your favourite, and job done.  If that’s what you want – yes I can do that.  But that doesn’t work for most.

We take time to enable you to relax into a shoot.  As well as trying different poses to see what works best for you, I also recommend bringing different outfit options to enable look changes, and I will change up the background and lighting for variety – giving you plenty to choose from.  We will have discussed this beforehand - so you will know what to expect.

I also shoot tethered to a laptop – so you can see the images straight away.  I love it when people suddenly see how good they look – and can relax and enjoy the rest of the shoot.

If you’re considering updating your headshots - get in touch for a no obligation chat – I’d love to help.